Wicked Minds - Press

When darkness overpowers reality, people will do anything for the cause and blindly “Obey” to Wicked Minds’s raw sound.

Their style is dark and moody, forward looking, naturally overwhelming with a slight influence of slow hardcore. A wicked cult will raise. Hooked at first, a dedicated crowd of all around  advocates is flourishing! Hard Island is the place were they consecrated!

Wicked Minds are one of the most prominent acts in present day RAW Hardstyle. They have gained a highly-respected reputation for their versatile skills, infectious energy and physical power behind the decks. Several monumental producers like The Prophet, Adaro, Crypsis, Digital Punk are supporting their sound across the circuit.

There is no way to discover who there is hiding behind the masks, but its’ sufficient to listen to their massive floor fillers “Run MF run” and “Obey” to figure out their uniquely sinister and minacious approach to RAW.

Their music is highly not recommended for the faint of heart!