Tommyknocker - Fast Forward Bookings

After more than twenty years behind the decks, Tommaso Marra alias Tommyknocker is one of the scene’s biggest Hardcore performers.  With countless hit records, featured on hundreds of compilations, he’s responsible for spreading Italian Hardcore all over the planet.

Tommy bought his first turntables in 1992, and two years later he discovers Hardcore. Captivated by the fat kicks and raw sounds, the young DJ without a name starts spinning at illegal raves in Rome, parties with a unique atmosphere and sound that very much influenced Tommy’s artistic production.

The name Tommyknocker appears for the first time on a flyer in 1995, when Tommy starts spinning for Freddy K (A Roman techno pioneer) in a club as well as on a local radio. He was one of the first DJ’s to play Hardcore in a club: it was a breakthrough!

In 1998 he decided to bring it to next level and started producing.  Inspired by artists such as Promo, Stunned Guys, PCP, Miro and Lory D, he locked himself up in the studio and started working 24/7. Hard work, dedication and sincere passion drove him to release “The Realm”, and “Demolition”.

Tommyknocker became a highly respected member of the Hardcore scene and moved to Belgium to keep up with the incoming bookings in Western Europe. Great events such as Masters of Hardcore, Defqon 1. Decibel Outdoor and Raving Nightmare are on his agenda.

The release of Revolution in 2004 confirms his unique abilities as a producer. Thanks to the hit Twist, Tommy starts playing at the “Hardcore till I Die” parties and becomes an hardcore legend in the UK. Not only the UK is going crazy for his sound; Tommy plays gigs all over Europe and even in Australia.

2009 was another highlight in Tommyknocker’s career, when he dropped his track Criminal on the dance floors. The nineties techno influenced track with an important message impressed both fans and fellow producers, which resulted in a well deserved second place in the MOH Radio Live Top 100.

In 2011 Tommy moved back to Rome, back to his roots, looking for new inspiration in the Eternal City. Although he always stayed true to his unique dark style, Tommyknocker spends a lot of time trying to bring something new and fresh to the scene.

He spent the following years in the studio cooking top real heat! In 2012 Tommy comes back in the spotlight with one memorable banger “Supernatural”.

In 2015 the Traxtorm legend proves once again his infinite talent releasing another nuclear weapon: “Nobody stopping this”. In 2016 he collaborated with Art of Fighters, releasing “Your betrayal”, and with Amnesys to produce Ground Zero’s anthem “ Blackout”.

2017 has been so far a very productive year for him. In March he released “Fucked Up Music”, a real signature track able to transmit the pure essence of the roman master.  In July Tommyknoker, together with Radio Killah took ownership of an important mission producing the Hardcore anthem for the 10th edition of the biggest Italian Harder styles festival: E-Mission! The two artists managed to combine their unique skills and musical backgrounds realizing a very glorious track ever!

Even though he has reached such and high peak he never led back. Having already played all over the world, he continues to take his technical skills and infectious selections across the globe. Each and every time he does so, he leaves an indelible mark and truly stirs up some very real emotions in the dancers he plays to!