At the young age of 11, George Pinas aka Titan was infected with the hard dance virus. A classmate collected the legendary Thunderdome cd’s and live registrations, which George borrowed from time to time. The little Titan played these tapes over and over and after a while his interest moved from the audience to the DJ’s on stage. His interest grew bigger and bigger and after a while he bought his first DJ gear together with a friend.

After a lot of local gigs, George entered the Q-Factor, a DJ-contest that Q-Dance organized, where he ended in second place. This achievement resulted in some very grand gigs: Q-Base and three times at the legendary Defqon1 Festival.
For Titan, this was a really big stimulant to work on his career.

George has been very busy in the studio and after sending some demo’s he signed at Fusion Records in 2009. His first release; Remember Me/Strength & Fury, were immediate hits and got huge support from all major artists in the scene.

A little while later, during his growing DJ-career, Titan also made the tracks; My Angel, Getting Off and Brotherhood. These tracks have made a huge imprint by the public, and are still favourite and alive until this very day!

Now, almost 10 years later, Titan started 2018 with some big changes. A new journey at Capital Fast with a new sound and a new team.

With kicks that pound dance floors and melodies of steel, Titan has become a gigantic force to be reckoned with.