It’s only 2018 when Project Stigma saw its first daylight. However, the origin of existence goes way back in the history of hard dance music. The project started to gain form in the 90’s when Thunderdome was at its peak and ruled the hard dance culture. The gabber movement was born, and a certain sound came with it. Many described this sound as fast electronic dance music with catchy vocals and synthesizers, in other terms gabberhouse. The gabber culture grew in popularity and attracted mainstream people/media, causing people to put negative labels on the gabber culture. This resulted in the downfall of gabber and they went underground in the late 90’s.


After its breakdown gabberhouse revived and evolved into many genres and sub-genres as the technology improved music production big time. The gabber culture is still here, but in a different form. Nowadays, the music industry is well-known with genres like uptempo hardcore, terror and frenchcore. Times have changed, now in 2018, these sub-genres still have to deal with negative critics from time to time. Why? Because of ‘aggressive music’? Because of their clothing? Or because the negativity has always been in the roots of gabber?

Project Stigma goes back to the roots of gabber delivering a mixture of modern uptempo hardcore and catchy vocals/synthesizers from the 90’s sound. Delivering a unique sound to the people is a big part of the project. But not the biggest. Project Stigma is about uniting all hardcore heads to embrace our stigma. Stigma is a term which is used to characterize something associated with a person or group as shameful. Something you don’t want to be part of. However, we’re all proud on our culture and the badass music/events we bring! We’re proud to be part of that stigma.
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