Danger Hardcore Team is a Belgian Hardcore formation that was originated by a group of friends in 1995. DJ Bass, MC Jerky & friends started to produce & perform hardcore music for their own label: Danger Hardcore Tracks.. With their first release: Alone & Jumpin’ Time in 1997 the label and live act was launched BIG into the world.

The Danger Hardcore Team live act became legendary all over the hardcore planet. Mega events like: Thunderdome, Megarave & Hardcore Overdrive gave thousands of people a chance to see and hear the Belgian hardcore sound.
Danger Hardcore Tracks brings you Hardcore but often with a big PARTY sound! Many of the Danger Hardcore Team songs became huge anthems and are still being played all the time.

Over the years some of the old productions and ideas were remixed into other styles of dance-music, which had nothing to do with hardcore music. Things change and grow into different sounds. For this reason the record-label decided to separate “Danger Hardcore Team” and “DHT feat. Edmee”.

Danger Hardcore Team is still Hardcore music with all songs from the label Danger Hardcore Tracks.. “DHT feat. Edmee” is a totally different dance-band in which time has evolved the style, formation and productions. Sometimes the name is a brief reminder of how things get started one way but end up another.
Over the years DJ Bass and MC Jerky each build their separate music careers as well. They became well know DJ’s and producers in different styles of music. But the hardcore inside you will stay forever.

Now for special occasions DJ Bass, MC Jerky and the crew get their old HARDCORE music and reunite on stage for a fun, energetic and spectacular show. Back to the old days, to the beginning of how it all started! Back to the Hardcore!