Energy, Diversity, Renewal, Drive and Atmosphere. These are the words that describe the talented producer ‘Thijs Verdegaal’. 1995 is the year that this talent struck down on earth, where he was born and raised in Noordwijkerhout. Everything Thijs does, comes straight from the heart, and this is what will guarantee his success.

Thijs began producing when he was only 14 years old, but before he even realised, he had reached a level that goes beyond imagination. All thanks to his love and commitment to the music. During his musical growth he developed his own style, which differs from euphoric to slightly rawer tracks. This style in combination with his secret ingredient: ‘innovation’ ensures you that his productions will never bore.

Aeros has already played at some major events, such as Defqon.1 Festival, Q-Base, Dance Valley, Bass Academy, HDE Live and Intents Festival. With a great first year as a Theracords member, AVIO is now the homebase of Aeros. With awesome releases like Groove and Subculture and responsibilty for the anthem of The Promised Land Festival (2016), together with Ecstatic, he definitely found his signature sound and is ready to show a bigger crowd what he is worth!

Get ready to be blown away by some unique mixtures of sounds: This is Aeros!